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Empowering Your Educational Journey

of Financing

Financing Options

Scholarship & Financial Assistance

At J. Green The Institute, we believe in making your educational journey in the beauty industry both achievable and affordable. Explore our diverse financing and payment options designed to provide you with financial freedom and flexibility.

Advantages of Financing Your Education:

  1. Financial Freedom: Balance your business or personal financial responsibilities while acquiring new skills. This approach allows you to maintain financial stability as you pursue your education.

  2. Flexible Payments: Avoid the pressure of lump-sum payments. Our financing options offer the convenience of manageable payments over time.

  3. Credit Building: For those seeking to establish a positive credit history, financing your education can be a strategic step. Timely payments contribute to a strong credit profile, beneficial for your future financial endeavors.


Your Path to Financing

In-House Financing Options

  • Flexibility & Convenience: At J. Green The Institute, we provide in-house financing without a credit check. This means you can spread your tuition payments over time, making your education more accessible and manageable.

  • Note: In-house financing does not offer credit-building opportunities.

Pay Over Time with Denefits

  • Guaranteed Approval: Experience the ease of flexible payment plans with no credit check required. Our partnership with Denefits ensures a smooth financing process tailored to your needs.

Other Payment Options

  • Pay Now Monthly/Weekly: Choose a regular payment schedule that fits your budget.

  • Pay Tuition in Full: Opt for a one-time payment for those who prefer a straightforward approach.

  • Tuition Deposit: Secure your spot with a non-refundable tuition deposit.


Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Empowering Dreams

  • At J. Green The Institute, we're committed to supporting your aspirations. Our Financial Office is here to guide you through various financial assistance options, including scholarships and non-Title IV funding sources.

Ms. Julia Dean List Grant

  • Founded by Ms. Julia Green, this prestigious scholarship seeks passionate individuals aspiring to excel in cosmetology. Embodying the spirit of the institute, this scholarship supports those with a vision to elevate and empower the beauty industry.

Scholarship Application Process

  1. Enrollment Application: Start by completing our scholarship application form.

  2. Scholarship Submission: Answer two questions on a video (3 min max each) regarding your motivation and how you'll advocate for the institute's mission.

  3. Social Media Engagement: Post the video on IG & TikTok explaining why you deserve the $1000 scholarship. Tag @jgreentheinstitute.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Maintain a minimum high school GPA of 3.2 and a 90% attendance.

  • Enrolled to Be a student at J. Green The Institute and successfully complete the full program.

  • Keep their tuition payment account up to date. Deposit must be paid in full by orientation date. 

  • Scholarships can only be used towards tuition fees and will be applied to the student's final balance.

  • Students who use a third-party financial institution to pay for tuition must follow that institution's process.

  • Scholarship recipients must continue to make scheduled tuition payments. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the scholarship award.

  • Engaging in illegal or immoral activities will lead to the revocation of the scholarship award.

  • Providing false information will also result in the loss of the scholarship award.

  • Failure to comply with J. Green The Institute policies, rules, and procedures will result in the revocation of the scholarship award.

  • $1000 Grant is for the Cosmetology Program 

Join Us on Your Financial Journey

At J. Green The Institute, we're dedicated to making your educational journey as seamless as possible. For any questions or guidance regarding our finance and payment options, our team is here to assist you.

Embrace your passion for beauty with the financial support and flexibility you need to succeed.

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